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🌈 Experience the RainFitZ Difference! 🚀

Ready to transform your fitness journey? Join our Free 7-Day Kick Start Programme for a taste of what's possible! 💪✨

🏋️‍♀️ What's Included:

  • Custom workouts

  • Delicious meal plans

  • Daily motivation

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Welcome to RainFitz Fitness & Wellness!

We can't wait to welcome you into our RainFitz Fitness & Wellness world.  We run a packed timetable full of classes delivered both on demand.  Everything we do is designed to make you feel fit and fabulous to live life to the fullest, helping you hit your goals and feel great whatever your age!  Our wellness programmes are designed to meet you where you are in your life & fitness journey.  We guarantee a fun, supportive network filled with people just like you! 


Join us to enjoy:

  • A busy on line fitness timetable delivered live via Zoom or on demand

  • Our midlife magic programme Menofit Rain

  • Face to face community fitness classes in Milton Keynes

  • Personal Training both face to face & on line

  • Supportive private Member Group, nutrition advice and accountability coaching

  • Specilaist Fitness & Wellness courses

Get in Touch

Milton Keynes United Kingdom

07786 806980

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