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Rain offered advice, support & positivity that exceeded all expectations.  The programmes offers nutritional, fitness & lifestyle advice with something to suit everyone.  That really is the beauty of teh programme, it can be adapted to suit any circumstance & lifestyle. I achieved my weight loss goal and re-found my love of exercise.  I've started to feel like the old me and this has made my heart very happy.

I've started to believe in myself againand feel so much better in myself in terms of my mental & physical fitness. I really do owe this to the unwavering support & belief offered by Rain.  I can honestly say that I wouldn't have achieved this without her support.  Rain genuinely cares about all her clients adn this makes her the very best kind of instructor.  You can't help but be influenced by her infectious enthusiasm & optimism.  

I would highly recommend RainFitz Fitness & Wellness to anyone that is looking to make a lifestyle change how ever big or small.

I would 100% recommend this programme for anyone that is looking for accountability, sound expert advice & a new way of approaching their goals.

The workouts are so varied and carefully planned to build with your fitness as the plan progresses so it never gets boring, I look forward to them every day.

Rain is always on hand to answer questions with the right balance of 'firm but fair' advice.

I signed up for the Rainfitz Elevate programme knowing that I'd need some kind of new kick start after Christmas.  To be completely honest I was dreading starting the programme on January 4th but I can truthfully say that it's been the best thing i could have done for myself.  What it has done is re-educate & re-motivate me and given me a completley different outlook on my nutrition, fitness & self care.

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